Uninstalls previous versions of Office, if you have it.


Click on the 2021 link below to start the download. If the download does not start when clicking, then copy the link, past it into your browser, press enter and the download will start. NOTE:  You will not be able to activate your key via setup.office.com)



Once the downloads are complete, double-click the file to start the installation.


When the download is complete, click on any Office software (eg Word, Visio, Project or Excel). Enter the product key and click "Activate" via the Internet.

IF INTERNET ACTIVATION FAILED:  If internet activation fails, please try to activate by phone. It's free to call if you choose your country's toll-free number and you'll speak to an automated robotic voice to guide you further.

5. Select English (or desired country) and call the free number. You will get to an automatic answering machine from Microsoft that will ask you for your personal installation ID (step 2):


Enter the numbers from your activation window on the phone's keypad when prompted by the phone's voice.


The phone voice will give you verification IDs to complete the activation. Enter this in step 3.


When the phone voice asks "How many copies have you installed?", type "1" on the phone's keypad.

IF THE PHONE ACTIVATION FAILED: In this case you will be transferred to a Microsoft agent. Microsoft is unable to provide support for product keys not sold directly by them. Contact us directly and we will help you.